My projects so far have spanned CEO advisory, interim executive assignments, messaging and product positioning, product management, and product marketing.


I’m a retired  technology executive of both early stage and publicly traded companies.
Growth to IPO
Prior to consulting, I was an early employee and executive of two companies that ultimately did IPOs - both Latitude Communications (now part of Cisco) in 1999 and Barracuda Networks in 2013.
Diverse 0→1 Startups
In addition to Latitude and Barracuda, I also held executive  and product management positions at a number of other startups in both Silicon Valley and Seattle, including Igneous Systems, AskMe Corporation, Asta Networks, and Visioneer.
Tech DNA
I started my professional career at Oracle where I ran product management for its line of decision support products.   I graduated from MIT with bachelor’s and master’s degrees in Electrical Engineering and Computer Science.

Get in Touch

While my plate is full now, I always enjoy meeting smart people.  Feel free to get in touch!
Business address
2355 State St STE 101 Salem, OR 97301
E-mail: Phone: (503) 278-5675

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